Highest quality technical insulation and scaffolding solutions

Hotrema is a leading provider of technical insulation, scaffolding and custom tinplate production services in the Baltic region with a number of clients globally.

About us

UAB “Hotrema” is one of the leading companies in the industrial insulation, scaffolding and tinplate prefabrication services throughout the Europe, with around 500 men power supply and 100 000 m3 of our own scaffold material.

We provide excellent value for customers by delivering our work on time. We strive to make life easier for project and maintenance managers, while also being the most economical choice.

The team of scaffolders of UAB Hotrema for the second time in a row became the winners of the World Scaffolders Championship 2022 organized by the Baltic Scaffolders Association. The first championship took place in 2019. The Hotrema team achieved the best time during the construction and dismantling of the structure chosen by the organizers.

years of experience


Market leaders in technical insulation, tin plate prefabrication and scaffolding solutions.

Technical insulation
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Industrial Insulation
  • Insulation for Boilers & Tanks
  • Hot & Cold Piping
  • Cold and Cooling Insulation
  • Sound and Noise Insulation
  • Fire Break Insulation
  • Insulating mattresses
Rental, sales and installation of scaffolding
  • Rental / installation / sales of scaffolding for internal finish
  • Planning
  • Custom work
  • Best solutions for all projects
Metal sheet prefabrication
  • Distance rings
  • Cladding parts for piping
  • Flange
  • Valve boxes
  • Manufacturing of variety of different components according to the customer’s specifications

Most reliable technical insulation and scaffolding contractor in Europe who provides highest quality services and builds long term relationships with its clients.


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